How does a woman regain hair

Transitional hairstyle: tips for moving from short to long hair

A step cut is the ideal transition hairstyle after a short haircut (such as a page head). As soon as the hair has reached shoulder length, regular tip trimming is sufficient. Proper hair care should be taken in order to grow hair healthy and fast. The healthier the scalp and hair, the faster the hair grows. Regular rinses and care cures are absolutely recommended.

By the way: This is how you can do the hair treatments yourself.

Undercut, pixie cut & bob: how to create a new hairstyle

Going to the hairdresser is also worthwhile for a beautiful transitional hairstyle. After all, very few dream of a transitional mullet. To prevent this from happening, undercut wearers should ensure that the hair on the neck is regularly adjusted to the length of the top hair. If you want to grow a pixie cut, it is much easier: Since the short hairstyle is already cut in layers, it doesn't take too long until a stylish transitional hairstyle has grown out of the "unsightly" intermediate length.

In this context, "thinning" should not be neglected either. Never heard? It is the term for thinning out - if you want to grow out a bob hairstyle, you should definitely thin out the tips so that there are no bulky areas at chin level. Be careful with thin hair: only minimal effilization is allowed here.