Why do babies want to go outside

In the fresh air - despite the cold

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Brrrr! The dark, wet and uncomfortable months outside are here! But despite the cold, it is important that children get fresh air every day. Because you have probably already experienced it: If you sit in the apartment with your children all day, then the mood is gone by late afternoon at the latest and your apartment is not only due to the heating because of the thick air.

Fresh air is healthy

Variety alone is not the only reason why it is now particularly worthwhile to get up and take the little ones outside. Some exercise in the fresh air is good for your health; for those of the children and of course for your own. This gets the metabolism and circulation going and warm and cold stimuli stimulate the immune system.

Regular walks help to toughen yourself on the one hand and to get fresh air in your nose on the other. Apart from that, it is currently a real joy for the little ones when they can frolic in fallen leaves and collect all sorts of handicrafts for the first winter decorations. But before you go on a big tour of discovery in the forest or park, you should a few thoughts on the right clothes do. Because very small children, who don't romp around like that, but rather stay there for ages, can easily get cold. And that in turn is unhealthy because it can lead to dangerous hypothermia.

The right clothing against cold and wet

With the right equipment, you don't have to worry about your kids catching a cold now in this weather. Apart from that, it is usually not cold or wet when you or your little one catch a cold. All kinds of viruses can spread so well in the winter months in particular, because people often sit for long periods in poorly ventilated rooms and close together.

Which clothes protect against wetness and cold? A helpful rule of thumb: if you and the child exercise equally outdoors, then pay attention to what you wear yourself. Then you also know what your child needs. Because it is best for you to feel when you need which clothes.

If you are transporting your child in a back carrier or in a bicycle seat: remember that it is much more exposed to the wet and cold. That is why you should refrain from going on long tours in the winter months - or take a lot of breaks.

Last but not least: In order to protect the skin of the little ones from cracks in this cold, it is worthwhile if they apply cream to the face and possibly also the (unprotected hands).

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Basically yes, but of course it depends on how sick your child is. If your baby only has a cold and does not have a fever (high temperature, measured in the bottom at over 38 ° C), you can have him or her take a nap outside or take him for a walk ...

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In the first months of life, babies should go for a little walk every day, even in winter. Basically, you can go outside every day during the cold season with a two-week-old baby. Even a slight cold is not a hindrance!

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