How can I make iced tea

Make ice tea yourself - this is how the summer thirst quencher succeeds

In midsummer we love nothing more than to cool off with refreshing iced tea. Here you can find out how to make delicious iced tea yourself.

Why do we explain to you how you make iced tea yourself when you can easily buy it in the supermarket? Because of the high sugar content! Finally hide around 20 sugar cubes in a liter of iced tea. Also, an excessive amount of artificial citric acid is often added, which in combination with the sugar is problematic for dental health, especially for children's teeth. If you make your own iced tea, you can determine the recipe, ingredients and sweetness yourself.

Recipes for iced tea - classic and fruity variations

20 of the editors await you in our recipe gallery selected recipes for iced tea - Typical of a chef, often copied by our users and found to be good.

Make iced tea yourself: this is how it works

You have already got a lot of inspiration for fruity iced teas in the recipe gallery. But you might also want to prepare your very own creation. Then you can use the following basic recipe as a guide:

  • Grab any type of tea you like and brew it in high doses.
  • When the infusion has reached the desired strength, you remove the tea leaves or the tea bags.
  • Then sweeten with white or brown sugar, honey, syrup or sweetener as desired.
  • Then you pour the hot brew into a vessel that is two-thirds filled with ice cubes. The tea cools down in a flash and can be processed further straight away. In addition, the shock cooling preserves the fresh aroma and the bright color of the tea.
  • Finally, you can add extras to your iced tea - such as fresh mint.

Classic iced tea: black or green tea with lemon

The basis for one traditional iced tea makes very strong black or green tea. With these varieties, shock cooling with ice cubes is particularly important, as otherwise unpleasant bitter substances are formed during slow cooling. If the tea is nice and cold, you sweeten it as described in the basic recipe and taste it with the juice of a lemon. The tea can then be served in style in a glass with ice cubes and a lemon wedge.

Ice tea for children

Black, green and also the milder white tea contain caffeine and are therefore only conditionally suitable for children. For the little iced tea fans, fruit and herbal teas are better as a base. Combined with sweet fruit juices, they even compete with soda & co.

Fruity-sweet iced tea with juice, syrup & Co.

The mixture of ice-cold tea and fruit juice is a smart one Alternative to the juice spritzer and quenches thirst just as well. Ice tea lovers big and small are happy about this fruity-fresh variant. To do this, any tea or tea mixture is brewed in high doses and poured over ice cubes after it has been drawn through. Herbal and fruit teas do not necessarily become bitter through slow cooling, but the flavors and the bright color are better preserved through the shock cooling.

The iced tea is then mixed with any fruit juice refined, which usually makes additional sweetening unnecessary. Nice combinations here are, for example, tea made from fresh mint with apple juice, apple tea with grape juice or rooibos tea with orange juice - as always, inventiveness knows no bounds. If you want to experiment with other flavors, you can also conjure up a kind of non-alcoholic iced tea cocktail by adding flavored syrup.

Iced tea specialties: Bubble Tea & Co.

Creamy iced tea latte

Everyone knows Latte Macchiato by now. The beverage specialty Chai Latte made from spicy tea and hot, frothed milk has already conquered the caf├ęs. An iced tea latte combines the refreshing of the iced tea with the creamy enjoyment of a chai lattes. To do this, whip the milk up cold and then slowly pour the cold, strong tea into the center of the same vessel. Variants with teas that have an intense aroma, such as roibos, black or green tea, are particularly tasty. With ice cubes or a scoop of vanilla ice cream