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Campaign of the State Medical Association

"Non-corrupt doctor" or "non-corrupt doctor"

While Germany is heading towards a huge shortage of doctors, doctors are simultaneously experiencing a large-scale hunt for their quality and their ethical reputation. Reports appear in the media almost daily that are directed against the integrity of doctors and their professional practice. They are flatly accused of botching, rip-offs and bribery. The doctors find this defamation campaign unbearable.

As a first immediate measure, the Baden-Württemberg State Medical Association with its four District Medical Associations in North Württemberg, North Baden, South Württemberg and South Baden launched a campaign at the MEDIZIN 2013 congress opened today in Stuttgart: All medical professionals who take part in the event will receive on Joint stand of the medical associations (B 60 in Hall 4) a badge with the slogan "non-corrupt doctor" or "non-corrupt doctor". The button can not only be worn during the congress, but is also intended to encourage patients in practice and clinic to ask the doctor. There are also information posters and flyers that you can download at the end of this page and print out yourself.

Why this action right now?

The so-called organ donation scandal is currently being used as evidence of the willingness to corrupt German doctors. Their self-management is increasingly accused of inadequate work and service according to regulations. A few black sheep among the doctors evidently justify the general scolding against hospitals, associations of statutory health insurance physicians, medical associations and an entire profession.

These denigrations of the medical profession miss the point. The effect is devastating - such generalizations lead to the suspicion, for example, of receiving something for every prescription, in the practice as a doctor providing care. This unsettles the patient and creates unnecessary distrust. The opposite is true: the doctors are also liable for their prescriptions and, in case of doubt, even get recourse.

Therefore, the medical profession in Baden-Württemberg demands:

  • No more condemnation of all doctors based on individual cases
  • Objectification of the discussion about alleged corruption
  • More competencies for the medical profession in order to be able to take action against medical misconduct themselves and to be able to secure relevant documents and evidence

If, on the other hand, things continue as before, the willingness of young doctors to practice their profession in Germany will not necessarily be spurred on. That would worsen the situation for doctors and patients alike.

Further information on the topic:

Disparagement of the medical profession strongly condemned - medical associations punish medical misconduct on the basis of professional law. Press release from January 15, 2013 with a statement by Dr. Ulrich Clever, President of the Baden-Württemberg Medical Association.

Documents for download and printing:

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