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Detective Rockford: Just give us a call

Detective Rockford: Just give us a call
USA 1974–1980 (The Rockford Files)
Alternative title: Rockford
The crime series revolves around James Scott 'Jim' Rockford (James Garner), who starts a new life as a private detective after five years of innocent imprisonment. His home and office is a caravan on the beach in Malibu. In order to get his difficult financial situation under control, the passionate angler accepts even the most hopeless cases for little money and thus repeatedly finds himself in hair-raising situations, from which his father Joseph (Noah Beery) often helps him out. The resourceful and eloquent snoop gets further support from his former fellow inmate Evelyn 'Angel' Martin (Stuart Margolin), his lawyer friend Beth Davenport (Gretchen Corbett) and his friend Dennis Becker (Joe Santos), an always annoyed and overworked police officer, Rockford supplied with police information. With his Pontiac Firebird, with which he chases the criminals through the streets, he established a now legendary 180-degree turn over the center line, which then becomes an integral part of almost every chase in film and TV and as the "Rockford turn" in enters American usage.

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  • Big * Ben (born 1967) on


    According to amazon, season 6 will be released on November 19, 2009 !!!


  • Schombi (born 1974) on

    Season 6 will also appear shortly, as the FSK has already approved the episodes. In the USA, the first half of the television films produced later will be released on November 3rd, so that a publication can also be expected in Germany.
  • Siggi am

    The FSK finally released season 6 today. Then it won't be long and we will have everything complete that I would never have believed a few years ago. The sales must have been incredible. Let's look forward to the last 12 episodes.
  • Siggi (born 1965) on

    Hello Carl. It's episode 11: Stolen Friendship.
  • Carl am

    Hello again....
    I'm looking for an episode in which Rockford is in the casino / is investigating and always wears' fat yellow sunglasses' at the blackjack table ... There he meets a woman and he talks to her about his' card counting system '.

    I know, everything is very vague ... But maybe there is a Rockford-Q who knows which episode I mean ...

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From the Television lexicon by Michael Reufsteck and Stefan Niggemeier (as of 2005): 123 pieces. US crime series by Roy Huggins and Stephen J. Cannell ("The Rockford Files"; 1974–1980).
Jim Rockford (James Garner), who was previously innocent in jail (alleged to have committed a bank robbery), now lives in a trailer with a phone and an answering machine and works as a private detective. Based on his own experience with the judiciary, he mainly deals with cases that the police have already closed and is now looking for the real culprit. For this he charges $ 200 a day plus expenses, but often enough just does it out of sheer good-naturedness and will therefore probably never get rich.
Rockford is a lovable clumsy man who steps in the bunker and is often just unlucky - but in the end his research leads him to the desired goal. His investigative apparatus consists mainly of a bundle of fake business cards that he always carries with him and that are also his disguise: he pretends to be someone and sneaks the necessary information. Rockford owns a gun, but he doesn't like to use it, and he prefers to avoid even a traditional brawl. Police Sergeant Dennis Becker (Joe Santos) would prefer to avoid Rockford, but grudgingly has to tolerate the fact that the determined investigation result will change again as soon as Rockford tackles the matter.
Jim's father, Joseph "Rocky" Rockford (Noah Beery Jr.), an ex-trucker, supports his son, although it is more goodwill that counts. A few acquaintances from his time in prison can also be of assistance. One of them is the greasy crook “Angel” Martin (Stuart Margolin), who occasionally gives useful tips, but also gets Rockford into trouble with his crooked business and would betray and sell him immediately in case of danger. Rockford is friends with attorney Beth Davenport (Gretchen Corbett), which comes in handy when he's stretching the law again to get information. John Cooper (Bo Hopkins) later takes their place. He was expelled from the bar, but his old connections are still useful. In the last season Rockford gets competition from the private detective Lance White (Tom Selleck), who is a thorn in his side because he always does everything right - and legal - and everything works out right away.
Each episode began with the famous phone call, which, according to the broadcast title, was enough. The answering machine switched itself on and initially recorded a message that was more funny than important.
Producer Roy Huggins had already shot the unconventional western series Maverick, in which Garner played the title role. Now Huggins wanted to do something similar as a crime thriller and bring some humor into the genre, which he succeeded: a likeable, because fallible, anti-hero carried the series, and Garner finally became one of the great stars in television history.
In the pilot, Robert Donley played the role of Rockford's father. The theme music was by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter and became a hit. In the 1970s, due to its success on television, a series of novels was also published.
The ARD showed 67 episodes from all seasons, so skipped about every second episode in between. The broadcast slot was initially on Thursdays and later on Tuesdays at 9:45 p.m. Each episode lasted 45 minutes. In 1995, RTL showed episodes that had not previously been broadcast on Tuesdays at 9:15 p.m. (including advertising now for one hour), others in the following year on weekdays in the afternoons (now only under the title Rockford), and the rest was shared roughly equally on Vox and RTL 2 first broadcast, each bundled with repetitions. Fourteen years after the series ended, James Garner returned to the Rockford role several times: from 1994 to 1999, eight new full-length films were made that were shown by various broadcasters in Germany.

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