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The Mythosaur was an animal that dominated the fauna of the planet Mandalore due to its sheer size. When the Taung settled there, they hunted the reptiles and wiped out the species in a short time. However, the mythosaur entered the culture of the Mandalorians - a people that developed from the Taung - who designed their symbol based on the skull of the animals. In addition, the inhabitants of the planet built their first cities from the bones of the animals. During the Galactic Civil War, a mythosaur skeleton served as a base for a group of slave hunters.

Description [edit]

The mythosaurs were considered to be enormously large and terrifying animals[1] the size of an entire city.[4] However, this claim is considered controversial.[5] Many known specimens were significantly smaller.[2] The skull of a mythosaur alone was big enough to hold an entire battalion. It was dominated by two downward horns that curled around the jaw.[5] Two smaller horns grew out of his lower jaw, and two more sit vertically on his skull.[2] He had long[5] crooked teeth. His yellow eyes[2] sat in sloping caves.[5] The animal had a green scale armor that turned yellowish on the belly. His back was pointed upwards and formed a row of teeth in the middle from the neck to the tip of the tail. The four-legged animal had four horn claws on each of its feet.[2]

History [edit]

The mythosaur evolved on the planet Mandalore and, due to its size, was the dominant species in the world.[2] As the fledgling Galactic Republic expanded further and further, the Taung, a native species of Coruscant that had been driven from there by the Zhell, colonized numerous new worlds. In their travels, some members of the Outer Rim species discovered the planet Mandalore.[1] Around 7000 VSY, the Taung conquered the planet from the world of Roon[3] and named him after their leader Mand'alor the First, "Mandalore". In order to be able to colonize the world, however, they had to displace the mythosaurs. Therefore they attacked the animals with their superior military might and quickly destroyed them.[1] As a sign of triumph over the animals, Mand’alor the First had a crown carved from the breastbone of a mythosaur.[2] The Taung used the skeletons of the mighty animals to build the first cities on Mandalore.[1]

The mythosaur skeleton of the Bone City

The widespread symbol of the Mandalorians was often mistaken for the stylized skull of a banthas, while the Mandalorians noted its resemblance to the skull of a male mythosaur. The symbol was developed in memory of a legendary Mandalorian instructor who used the extinct animal's skull shape as a coat of arms.[6] The symbol was first used in the heraldry of the Keldau clan, from which the instructor came, in the Great Shadow Crusade.[2] Over time, it has become a symbol of Mandalorian culture, the Mand’alor, and the planet itself.[5] The company MandalMotors based there used it as its logo[7] and provided all of its products like that Bes’uliik-Assault hunter with his mark.[8] In memory of the mythosaurs, the Mandalorians called one of their traditional weapons the "mythosaur ax".[6] The word "kyr’bes", which stands for the skull of the mythosaur in the Mandalorian language, has become a slang term for the crown of the Mand’alor.[9] During the Cold War, a Mandalorian invited some scientists to examine the bone finds of several mythosaurs. He hoped to gain knowledge that would allow him to revive the species through clones.[10]

At the time of the Clone Wars, the Republic Command "Tyto" had a tattoo in the form of a stylized mythosaur skull.[11] On the southern foothills of the Mandalorian capital Keldabe, local entertainers built a theme park based on a replicated mythosaur skeleton during the Clone Wars, but it was never officially opened. Hayar, the owner's brother, and his friend Jarkyc sold the park to the Galactic Empire, which turned it into a garrison.[5] In year 3 NSY, a Mandalorian slave hunter group used a 7,000 year old mythosaur skeleton as their headquarters, which they called the Bone City. The association, led by Suprema, in collaboration with bounty hunter Dengar and forces of the Galactic Empire captured the rebel leader Leia Organa and her protocol droid C-3PO and brought her inside the fortress. With the help of the Mandalorian Fenn Shysa, Organa and C-3PO as well as their fellow prisoner Tobbi Dala were able to escape and made their way to the eye sockets of the mythosaur skeleton, which formed the exit from the fortress. Fenn Shysa and Leia destroyed a control unit as they escaped, loosening the bonds of all prisoners in the complex. During the mass eruption that followed, the Bone City was destroyed.[12]

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