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One bay is more beautiful than the other. The water is crystal clear and turquoise and far and wide you won't see a soul. Pictures like from the Caribbean in the middle of the Mediterranean. In his new film, Marian Carton sails one-handed from Rome to Sardinia and shows some of the most beautiful bays in Sardinia beyond the hustle and bustle, as the title says. For more than two years Carton has been traveling with one hand and with family and has not only loved the Maddalena Archipelago, but also got to know it very well.

  • Pure romance: side bay of the overcrowded Cala Coticcio on Caprera © Marian Carton
  • Sardinia's wild north-west coast: Castelsardo © Marian Carton
  • Lonely anchoring in Cala d'Alga, Isola Spargi © Marian Carton

Youth in Formentera

The ZDF image technician, who, among other things, edits the articles for today's journal, is a master of his craft. When his parents emigrated with him to Formentera in the Balearic Islands in the 1970s, he began to love the wind in his sails while windsurfing. As a teenager, he dived for oysters under water, thus improving his pocket money. He likes to discover protected places beyond tourism, and he learns that there are always places beyond the harbors where you can be alone in nature.

His love for sailing comes later. From 2005 to 2014 Marian Carton worked as technical director in Studio Rome and lived with his wife and son in the Italian metropolis for nine years. To discover the Tyrrhenian Sea, buy an Etap 28i, built in 1988, in 2007 and call it “Abyss”. Neither of them can sail.

It takes them two years to get used to the boat. Sun shots and repairs give confidence in the boat. Marian Carton does everything herself. The Abyss is located in Ostia on the Tiber, and when the phone rings and Marian has to be on duty, he can be in the studio in 20 minutes by car.

The family feels most comfortable off the beaten path © Marian Carton

For seven years they explore the island world for weeks: in the north to Giglio, Elba and Capraia or in the south to the Pontine Islands and on to the Aeolian Islands, to Ustica or Marettimo. And now Sardinia for two years. They like it so much that they have permanently moved their boat to Castelardo.

Under and over water

Over the years they have developed their preferences. The love for the sea, for nature and for water has been a red thread through his life since Carton's youth in the Mediterranean. Together with his wife Annette and his son, he is always looking for original places. Where the sea and the landscape, even underwater, are still intact. Here they drop anchor.

What is there more than exploring the underwater world? On board the Etap you have two diving equipment and even space for a diving compressor. They go diving in the bays and Marian Carton films the underwater world. It also documents pollution and overfishing. For some years now, slime algae has been spreading in the Mediterranean Sea, which worries him.

Bunkering with grandma

At 28 feet, there's not much room for two adults, a child, and a dog. Only 80 liters fit in the water tank and only 50 liters in the diesel tank. With their "grandma", a 320 Zodiak with a speedy 8 HP Yamaha outboard motor from the seventies, they drive to the nearest harbor to go shopping and to bunker water and diesel. “You are like a beggar with your water can. You suck up water at every opportunity, when you go shopping, in a restaurant, ”says Marian. Equipped with two solar panels, they have electricity in abundance and can supply the complex technology on board. And Annette is an artist in stowing away, he is pleased.

The tactician

When looking for suitable bays, Carton prefers to use not only sea maps, apps or topographic maps but also Google Earth, which offers great possibilities. Depending on the wind and weather situation, he uses it to plan the anchorages. If the wind changes or the weather changes, he can reschedule so quickly. He calls his technique tactics. It gives him the freedom to change location quickly. For example, when the bay is already full and he would rather find a quieter anchorage.

Anchorage at the beautiful Monte Russu © Marian Carton
Important experience: mountains divert the wind © Marian Carton

They only go to port with their Etap in bad weather and only stay as long as necessary. They are now often ridiculed because their ship looks like a dwarf next to the 40-foot yachts. But that doesn't bother them.

Marian Carton has now captured his passion for sailing, the sea and nature in three films. In 2016 the film "8 Years of the Mediterranean" was made about the first years and sailing trips in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In his second film "3,000 meters under the keel", Marian Carton discusses how one-handed sailing and family sailing can be reconciled.

Always looking for originality © Marian Carton

His wife Annette, who also has a say in the films, is always part of the party. The high quality, the knowledge of the area and the unknown routes, which they also show on maps in the video, have now reached a large fan base.

Many sailors have followed their routes and watch the films as instructions for their own trip. No wonder, you won't find his trip recommendations in any district guide and the beauty of the anchorages is breathtaking.

"Beyond the hustle and bustle" trailer

“Beyond the hustle and bustle”: 85 minutes in HD quality, in professional format 1080p50

All three films run on and can also be purchased on a stick from Amazon.