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Difference between conditioner and conditioner

Regular care is essential for well-groomed and healthy hair. It doesn't matter whether the hair is healthy or already damaged. Even if cleaning is just as important, it is ultimately the care that gives the hair protection and gives it shine. Most women use conditioners and conditioners in addition to their shampoo. Both have one thing in common: They take care of the hair. But what is the difference? And which care is best for which hair? I would like to reveal that to you today.

Conditioners and hair treatments have different consistencies. In addition to this property, they differ in the intensity of hair care.


The conditioner can be used more often than the conditioner. After washing, it is suitable for closing the cuticle layer of the hair. This process makes the hair straight. And the smoother the hair, the stronger the shine. This is because smooth surfaces can reflect light better. The conditioner also prevents harmful substances from penetrating the hair. The hair becomes more resilient. A conditioner must never be used before a cure, as it seals the hair and the care substances from the cure can no longer penetrate the hair structure.

The hair treatment

In contrast to the conditioner, which can be used every time you wash your hair on long hair, the treatment should not be used more than once or twice a week. The treatment time is longer than that of the conditioner. The treatment usually has to take effect for several minutes in towel-dried hair. The cure not only provides the hair with substances that make it more resistant, but also rebuilds the hair at the same time. With regular use, the hair is strengthened and feels soft and well-groomed.

Conditioner or Conditioner?

It is possible to combine both applications with hair that really needs care - but not with one hair wash. You should first check whether your hair really needs this care, because too much care makes it difficult to style and makes the hair limp and limp. I recommend taking a cure every week and using a conditioner every now and then for dull hair.

Tip: When taking a cure, you should use higher quality care products that do not contain cheap silicones. You can occasionally do a rinse yourself by mixing lemon juice and vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 4. This makes your hair shine on a completely natural basis.

And if you would like professional support with hair care, please contact us. We are guaranteed to find the right treatment for you.

Your Heike Ackermann