Why should you use a solar cooker

Solar cooker

Solar cooker - cooking, baking, roasting, grilling, deep-frying without electricity or gas, only with solar energy!

The Premium 14 and Premium 11 solar cookers are basically large parabolic mirrors. Approximately parallel rays of the sun are reflected onto a focal point. Due to the concentration of the sun's rays, high temperatures arise in the focal point. If a pot or pan is now placed in the focal point, it can be used for cooking or frying. The pot or pan should be matt black because the black color absorbs the sun's rays best and converts them into heat. The solar cooker is in every season and regardless of the outside temperaturecan be used in all latitudes. Thanks to the rotatable frame, the solar cooker can easily track the sun. Because the focal point is within the parabolic mirror, this only needs to be done every 25 minutes. There is no risk to the eyes due to glare!

We offer high-quality and high-performance solar cookers and accessories that are produced regionally in workshops for the disabled and workshops for young people who are difficult to place. These solar cookers have now spread across the worldProven 30,000 times. Along withEG Solar e.V. the distributor Sun & Ice GmbH is working on the goal of spreading solar cookers in order to use renewable energies and conserve natural resources.With the purchase of a solar cooker you support this important project! You are doing something good for yourself, the environment and people in developing countries, because part of the net proceeds from the sale goes to the projects of the partner organization EG Solar e.V.

What is a solar cooker suitable for?

Everything is possible! The solar cooker is suitable for smoke-free cooking, baking, grilling, roasting, cooking and deep-frying. Due to the high cooking performance of the solar cooker, meat, grill and pasta dishes, baked goods (e.g. bread, cakes, pizza), stews or cooked foods are possibleReady in almost the same time as on the electric stove or in the oven. The solar cooker is ideal for the garden, terrace, balcony or campsite!

The firewood problem 

Energy is the key to the future. There is a direct connection between inadequate energy supply and poverty. Without energy, economic and social development is unthinkable. Firewood is one of the most important sources of energy in the world. Firewood, mainly used for cooking, accounts for around 18% of the world's primary energy consumption, more than nuclear power and hydropower combined. 2 billion people worldwide are currently affected by the shortage of firewood - and the trend is increasing. The consequences are catastrophic and varied: From air pollution in the Kitchen, which can cause serious respiratory illnesses, to polluting the earth's atmosphere, as well as environmental damage such as deforestation and erosion.

What do solar cookers do worldwide?

Preservation of the environment and livelihood
• Avoidance of further deforestation of threatened forests and the associated soil erosion and impoverishment of the soil.
• Reduction of CO² emissions and thus global warming. With a solar cooker, up to 5 tons of CO² can be saved per year. For comparison: A German produces an average of 11 tons of CO² per year.
Health promotion
• Solar cookers do not produce smoke like traditional cooking over open fires. If you cook in closed rooms, the smoke is breathtaking.As a result, women and children breathe in substances every day that correspond to 200 to 400 filterless cigarettes per day. Millions of babies die each year from respiratory diseases.
• Avoiding burns on an open fire.
• Solar cookers prevent kerosene poisoning (especially in children) and avoid fires caused by kerosene.
• Improving hygiene by boiling dirty water. 1.3 billion people worldwide are cut off from safe drinking water. With a solar cooker it is possible to produce 50 liters of drinking water a day!

What can you do?
• You buy and use a solar cooker yourself and do something good for yourself, the environment and people in developing countries. BecausePart of the net proceeds from the sale flow into the projects of the partner organization EG Solar e.V.
• You have contacts to aid organizations or to people in developing countries and present the solar cooker there.
• You become a member, donor or sponsor of the non-profit association EG Solar e.V. and thereby support solar cooker projects.
• Instead of Christmas and customer gifts, you contribute to EG Solar e.V. projects and inform your friends or customers with our photo cards.
• They provide schools and kindergartens with a solar cooker to demonstrate the power of the sun to the children using the solar cooker and to explain the problem of firewood.