Where can I buy handmade Manipur products

Typically Indian - Made in India

There are a number of products in India whose names are protected by their geographical origin. Arts and crafts in India are very diverse. Be it the beautiful sari fabrics, the finest miniature paintings and metalwork, artistic wood carvings and stone carvings, fascinating silver and lacquer work, sophisticated fabric printing processes, high-quality pottery or perfectly shaped bronze figures, beautiful singing bowls or preciously decorated small pieces of furniture - these handicrafts are all regionally shaped and therefore offer an infinite spectrum of shapes, colors and materials. Here is a list of the officially protected products from India according to their geographical origin, sorted by the region they come from:

Himachal Pradesh
Kangra paintings
Kullu Shawl - a large scarf or actually a shawl in bright colors and geometric patterns from the city of Kullu
Chamba Rumal

Jammu & Kashmir
Pashmina scarf - the most famous product from this region, a light cashmere wool scarf
hand-knotted carpets
Paper maché
Walnut carvings

especially large cardamom capsules

Arunachal Pradesh
the Arunachal Orange - and Dambuk is the orange city of the region

Naga Mircha - also known as Naga Jolokia chilli, is a chilli pepper that is one of the hottest chillies in the world
Chakhesang Shawl - a handmade scarf with striking red, blue and white motifs that was originally worn only by male dignitaries in high positions in the Chakhesang tribe
Naga Tree Tomato - or Tamarillo, which has little to do with tomatoes; it is a sweet-tart fruit with an often hard skin, egg-shaped and yellow to orange in color

Muga silk - from the Brahmaputra valley; it is very hard-wearing and has a natural yellow-gold shimmer.
Joha rice - known for its delicate aroma and excellent taste
Tezpur lychee

Shaphee Lanphee - a traditional fabric embroidered with cotton threads
Wangkhei Phee - a white, transparent cotton fabric with woven-in patterns
Moirang Phee - similar to Wangkhei Phee, only with very special patterns of Kachai lemons

Mizo chilli

Tripura Queen - a pineapple

West Bengal
Darjeeling tea
Santiniketan leather goods
Khirsapati or Himsagar mangoes
Terracotta work

Khasi mandarins
Memong Narang - an endemic wild orange species

Madhubani paintings
Bhagalpur silk
Sikki Grass Work - objects that are woven from a specific colored type of grass, the Sikki grass

Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi glass beads
Lucknow Chikan embroidery
Dussehri mangoes from Malihabad
Brocade and saris from Varanasi


  • Blue pottery - the blue pottery from Jaipur
  • Kathputlis - puppets
  • Sanganeri Hand-Block Painting - fabric printing with stamps

Agates of Cambay - the carnelian (gemstones) from the region around Cambay, which are available here in blood red, yellow, moss green, pink, black, white and gray
Kutch embroidery
Patan Patola - Patola saris from the Patan region

Madhya Pradesh
Chanderi fabrics - they are famous for their richly decorated borders
Leather toys from Indore - animal figures in particular are made from leather
Ratlami Sev - a snack made from pea or chickpea flour


  • Bastar Dhokra - Metalwork from Bastar (without iron)
  • Bastar wooden crafts
  • Bastar Iron Craft - Metalwork (made of iron) made from Bastar


  • Konark Stone Carving - the stone reliefs in Konark
  • Pattachitra - picture scrolls made of fabric, on which stories from the Hindu world of gods are often depicted
  • Ganjam Kewda Flower - from the male pandanus flower (a small tree or shrub) an extract is made (Kewra), which can be used e.g. B. used in Ayurveda as a remedy

Puneri Pagadi - a special turban that has been a symbol of pride and honor in Pune since the 18th century
Nashik Valley Wine - the heart of Indian viticulture
Mahabaleshwar strawberries
Warli paintings - the Warli ethnic group passed on creation myths and stories in their paintings

Filigree silver work from Karimnagar
Hyderabad Haleem - a thick stew made from meat, lentils and vegetables
Narayanpet hand-woven saris
Pochampalli Ikat - fabrics made using a special weaving and dyeing technique

Feni - a schnapps made either from the apples of the cashew nuts or from palm wine

Channapatna wooden toys and wooden dolls
Mysore sandalwood soap
Mysore jasmine - a special kind of jasmine that is endemic to Karnataka

Andhra Pradesh
Kondapalli Bommallu - wooden toys, small wooden figures
Tirupathi Laddu - small, sweet balls made from pea flour, cashews, cardamom, ghee, sugar and raisins


  • Villianur terracotta work

Tamil Nadu
Kancheepuram silk
Coimbatore Wet Grinder - a grinder for grinding grain, mainly for making dosas and idlis
Thanjavur paintings
the temple jewels of Nagercoil


  • Aranmula Kannadi - handmade mirrors made from aranmula
  • Palakkadan Matta rice - a brown rice that is said to be very healthy
  • Balaramapuram saris and fine cotton fabrics