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NRW.BANK innovation loan: interest rate from zero percent

NRW.BANK has improved its conditions for the NRW.BANK.Innovationskredit. With immediate effect, the interest rate starts at zero percent, depending on the company's creditworthiness.

“With the more favorable conditions, we would like to give companies additional leeway to invest in new, technologically advanced machines, systems and processes, especially in the current situation,” says Eckhard Forst, CEO of NRW.BANK. "In this way we contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of our economy in the long term."

Economics and Innovation Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart: “Innovative products and processes are decisive for the future viability of our economy - especially in the current time. That is why we are now encouraging companies to invest in innovations and making the terms of the innovation loan even more attractive with the interest rate of zero percent. "

The NRW.BANK.Innovationskredit supports companies in investment projects in order to include new products in their production program, to introduce new production processes and to improve existing products and processes.

The NRW.BANK.Innovationskredit, together with the NRW.BANK.Digitalisierungskredit, forms the two components of the “NRW.BANK.Digitalisierung und Innovation” funding program. With the improvement of the conditions of the NRW.BANK.Innovationskredit, investments in digital projects as well as in innovative projects are now promoted with the same, particularly favorable conditions for the end borrower.
Source: NRW.BANK

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