Mexican-American Baby Name Ideas

From Aaron to Zoey: American first names for boys and girls

Finding the perfect name for your child can be quite nerve-wracking. Because if you don't already have a few ideas in your head, then you scroll through one dictionary of names and then you are only more confused.

Nowadays, for many couples, only a name from another language comes into question. They are also very popular with us in Germany American first names. Because they not only sound beautiful, but are also a bit special without sounding too exotic.

It should sound nice, it has to match the surname and it would also be nice if he or she didn't sit in kindergarten or school with five other namesakes later on. In order to distinguish yourself from your peers, you can give the offspring a name that is not on the current name hit lists.

The top 10 American first names

If you take a closer look at the top 10 American first names of the last few years, you will notice that many names appear that also land in the top positions of the most popular names. Joshua, Jacob, Emma, ​​Sophia are just as popular first names in this country as in the USA.

So it's worth taking a closer look at popular and beautiful American first names. What parents should pay attention to when making their choice are not only sound and spelling, but also the associations that go with the name here in this country. With a little Taylor, for example, you will automatically think of the singer Taylor Swift. And a little Ryan is very reminiscent of Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds.

The "Kevin Phenomenon"

This relationship to well-known singers or actors is not a bad thing at first. But may cause negative associations in the future. What do we mean by that? The best example is the name Kevin. At the beginning of the 90s hardly any American name was more popular in Germany. This was due to the movies 'Kevin Home Alone' and 'Kevin Alone in New York'.

The little blond boy who takes on a couple of nasty bandits at the age of eight, lures them into a trap with all sorts of tricks and finally throws them into jail. In the eyes of many parents, the rather American first name at the time seemed perfect for their own offspring.

But only a few years later, the small, blond, smart boy, who could wrap everyone around his finger with his charm, turned into something negative. Because Kevin became "a diagnosis". As soon as you heard the name Kevin in the following years (and still today) you thought of a behavioral and socially disadvantaged student who drove his parents and teachers crazy and had nothing at all from the cute little TV Kevin.

These are prejudices and generalizations, sure, but they've gotten stuck in people's minds over the years.

Therefore, expectant parents should pay attention to how much their desired name reminds another person. Especially with American names, it stands to reason that they have a well-known actor or singer as a role model.

So that you are on the safe side when choosing your baby name, we have put together the 200 most beautiful American names for you, which will certainly not be negative for anyone.

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