How do I naturally get slim

Eating Habits and Obesity: 7 Secrets Of Naturally Slender People

There are people who are naturally slim. You can eat what you want and you won't gain an ounce. But is that really true? Or are there perhaps other reasons in the eating behavior that make you slim?

First of all: this is not about promoting an ideal of slimness. On the contrary, everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin and accept them for who they are.

And what does slim mean? A optimal BMI (body mass index) or size 38? Even those who can't come up with this may be more satisfied than many a model. Nevertheless, many people suffer from their weight, be it overweight or underweight.

The Disposition can play a major role in this. The same diet and exercise style can have different effects on body weight in two people. Or does it just seem like that at first glance? There are definitely differences, which are often in the details. While they are very general and there are many exceptions, it is worthwhile for them Eating habits and to take a closer look at the attitudes of naturally slim people.

1. Naturally slim by eating without emotions

Naturally, those who are slim have a healthy attitude towards food. They do not make their eating habits of Mood swings dependent. They do not eat impulsively or in secret. They also don't feel guilty about snacking.

Indeed, for many people it is the one Problem with her weight have difficulty separating food and emotions. Stress, grief, or feelings of guilt can lead to attempts to fill a void with food. And since many foods affect our brain metabolism and hormone balance, this often works too. To break this cycle, it can help to ask yourself when you are hungry: Am I really hungry? Or is there another need that should actually be met?

2. Lean naturally through pleasure outside of food

Food is for them no happiness maker. They have enough things beyond food to keep them satisfied. That's why they don't need food to feel good.

This point is very closely related to the first. Chocolate, for example, is known to release endorphins, so the positive effect cannot be denied. So if you want to learn from naturally lean people, you need other things that will make you happy. Sport, for example, also counts Happiness hormones free and also helps to maintain the feel-good weight and to shape the body.

3. Naturally slim through activity in everyday life

Slim people move regularly in everyday life, take each stairway with, climb on that more often bicycle or go to foot. This doesn't even require an extensive sports program. Everyday life is made as active as possible.

Many people shy away from the thought of having to exercise extensively every day. But as you can see, there is no need to spend hours in the gym every day. Orient yourself Easily integrate movement into your everyday life. Or - if you are looking for a happiness maker - find a sport that you enjoy and that you don't have to force yourself to do.

4. Naturally slim without obsession

You are not obsessed with food. It doesn't come first in their lives either. Nor do they regularly step on the scales. You like to eat and enjoy it too, but you don't think about it all the time. Often they even forget to eat and fast thus more by chance.

If you constantly think about food, count calories or determine the carbohydrate content of the meal, you can no longer enjoy food. So it is better to eat more mindfullyinstead of putting everything on the gold scales. Eating mindfully means: take enough time to eat, enjoy it, chew a lot and be aware of everything. This is how you find your way back to a natural relationship with food.

5. Naturally slim through a good body feeling

The body tells them when one is hungry or full. When they have eaten enough, the body signals this and they stop eating. They trust it and listen to their body awareness.

The stomach is the first to signal to the brain after 20 minuteswhether he is full. This is so problematic because we rarely meet each other enough time to eat to take. Breakfast on the go, lunch at work and dinner in front of the television - those who eat unconsciously or on the side will not notice when they have had enough.

Here's a simple trick that our grandparents already knew: Chew well. Take each bite at least 30 times. This makes digestion easier, lengthens the food and gives the stomach the opportunity to “stop!” accept.

In addition, you will stay full longer if you chew properly - and you will not get hungry again as quickly.

6. Naturally slim by knowing what is good for you

Lean people don't go on a diet (not only because they don't have to), because they know for themselves what is good for them and what is not. They know how they feel after eating certain foods and pay attention to them.

You probably also know it when you sometimes have a great appetite for certain foods, for example a glass of milk or the proverbial pickles. This can be due to the fact that the body is making a decision ingredients this food is needed. However, if we feed him the wrong foods - fast food, for example - for years, we lose awareness of what we actually need. However, one can learn this again through mindful eating and listening to oneself.

7. Lean naturally through discipline and reward

If they know that there will be something to eat later, for example the early evening meal, they prefer to forego a snack and look forward to the "real" meal later. This is how they reward themselves for doing without.

So keep track of what you eat throughout the day and avoid committing multiple “sins” on the same day. It is always allowed to treat yourself to something - like a piece of chocolate with your coffee - but if you've already indulged yourself in it, don't eat burgers and fries in the evening. If you like to eat “unhealthy” things, make this something special, but get rid of it from your everyday life.

So you can reward yourself with something every now and then - and maybe your body will also learn to enjoy foodthat you didn't care about so far.