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Kingston travelogue - the capital of Jamaica and reggae

Travel report Kingston Jamaica

When we had survived our 3 days on the Caymans well it was time to say goodbye most expensive vacation spot of our world tour so far. The next stop was the Caribbean island of Jamaica. When you think of Jamaica, you usually think of Rastafaris, reggea and a lot of marijuana - and we can do that right after ours Arrival in Kingston to confirm.

Arrival to Kingston

The Travel to Jamaica from Germany off is relatively easy. There are many flights from all major German airports to either the Tomorrow at Manley International Airport in Kingston or the international airport Sangstar International Airport of Montego Bay.

We also briefly considered going by ship from the Grand Caymans in Jamaica - but there are not many options here or only options that are very expensive. Therefore we decided to plan our onward journey from Georg Town on the Grand Caymans with a flight to Jamaica.

The flight with Grand Cayman Airlines from Roatan with a stopover on the Grand Caymans to Kingston was per person excluding luggage (here another 40 USD per person) at 440 euros.

Accommodation in Kingston

There are many accommodations in Kingston. Either you book here on Airbnb, Booking.com or Hostelworld - but even on couch surfing there are a lot of participants.

For one of the cheapest accommodations or hostels are usually around the 20-25 euros per night due. We had a place to stay right in Beverly Hills and stayed here over and over again Airbnb only paid 48 euros a night. The location was very good and the accommodation was equipped with a nice air conditioning system, a spacious bathroom and a great view over the city. There are also some luxury hotels in Kingston - but most of them are used for business trips rather than tourists.

Food and restaurants

Admittedly The food in Jamaica doesn't knock us out of our shoes - it reminds us a lot of the food in Cuba - a lot of rice, little meat, a lot of beans and few spices shape the entire culinary culture of Jamaica.

What you get to see very often on the street are the Jerk shops / stalls - there are tasty grilled food at relatively cheap prices - mostly you have the choice between goat, chicken, pork and beef - the goat, however, was not for our European taste.
Depending on the size of the portion are here on average between 600 Jamaican dollars and 1200 Jamaican dollars due which corresponds to about 5 - 8 euros per portion.

If you are not into the local street food, you can go to a normal restaurant in Kingston. Here the prices (even for us Germans) are relatively high. An Asian eatery is asking for here Fried rice with chicken and egg can be 10-15 euros. Meals with beef are usually over 20 euros per portion. Of course you can also find the usual dishes such as pizza, burgers, pasta and fast food in Kingston. The is very common here in Jamaica Chain KFC which is very popular thanks to the chicken pleased.

Places to visit in Kingston

Admittedly, Kingston doesn't have as much to offer as you might think. The city itself we would rather describe as run down and not particularly worth seeing. But what makes the city a real highlight is how to open it all of Jamaica the super personable people.

Reggae in Kingston

What you will love in Kingston - whether you like reggae or not is the music! E.gal wherever you go in Kingston you will mostly hear great reggae sounds tracked. The music gives the city a very special charisma - what the Latino was in Havana is reggae in Kingston.

In addition to all the speakers, Kingston also has the world-famous DUB parties instead of. This is where things really get down to business and a mix of Reggea, DUB and Dancehall is played all night. Of course, the scent of the marijuana must not be missing at any time.

Hope Botanical Gardens

Where to find the Hope Botanical Gardens: 231 Old Hope Road Kingston - northern part of the city

Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston is free. This is a quite extensive botanical park that has found its place on the outskirts of Kingston. The park has a size of 81 ha.

The Botanical Garden has officially been in existence since 1873 and was opened on the property of Major Richard Hopes House. The botanical garden invites you to take a walk under palm trees and offers some great plants and seating that invite you to relax.

National Heros Park

Where can you find Hero Park Kingston? The park is framed by the National Heroes Cir and cannot be missed on Google Maps

Hero Park sounds bigger and nicer than it actually is, but we would still count it among the most important sights in Kingston.
The entire area is 50 hectares - you can often find the keyword botanical garden in connection with the Hero Park on the Internet - we cannot confirm that. The Hero Park is free. In addition to the beautiful plants, there are some monuments and many burial sites for many Jamaican national heroes.

Here you can find the graves of Dennis Brown, Marcus Garvey, Michael and Norman Manley (Incidentally, the namesake of Kingston International Airport), Paul Bogle, Lady Bustamante and many more.
The Hero Park invites you on the way to the Downtown and Trenchtown to look over.


Trenchtown is a neighborhood in the middle of Kingston. This extraordinary district has become known for its countless reggae artists. On the Internet you can often find the word slum district in connection with Trenchtown - that may be true in part, but a visit to this area should be on the list of major attractions in Kingston pack.

Legends such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer grew up in this quarter and have thus shaped the entire quarter musically and culturally.

Bob Marley Museum

Where can you find the Bob Marley Museum? 56 Hope Road, Kingston

Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. - The Bob Marley Museum is closed on Sundays

Bob Marley is as much a part of Jamaica as reggea, weed and jerk - so this Caribbean island cannot be imagined without it. The museum is located in the former residence of national hero Bob Marley. In the house are countless rarities that remain untouched and thus convey a real feeling like Bob Marley lived then.

A drop of sadness for us was that it was not allowed to film or take photos in the museum. For this you would have needed a different ticket and you would have had to register beforehand. Since we didn't know that there are unfortunately no photos of the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston here. Adults need for one Ticket $ 25 USD Children 4 - 12 years pay only $ 12 USD. Admission is not cheap - but if you are already in Kingston you should definitely visit a piece of Jamaica or Bob Marley.

Transport in Kingston

Anyone in Kingston from Moving A to B actually has 4 options. The cheapest way to get around Kingston is of course on foot - However, we do not necessarily recommend this because the roads are relatively dangerous (road traffic not people) and it is not much fun to walk along the loudly honking cars. In one day we walked over 20 kilometers, sweated, got honked and, to be honest, had little fun but were able to gather a lot of new impressions.

Another way to get around Kingston relatively cheaply is this Route taxi or collective taxi - if such a taxi drives past you, somehow draw attention to you - but please always negotiate the price beforehand. After driving a route taxi in Jamaica, you know that a five-seater can fit 10 people without any problems - so if you travel with a lot of luggage you should take a more expensive private taxi if possible - because you buy a few cubic meters of space here.

In addition, there are a lot of buses in Kingston, which is also the next option that we want to explain in more detail in our Kingston travel report. The buses usually have no real timetable, but rather follow certain routes - you can get on wherever you want - to get off, a "One Stop Please" to the driver is enough and the bus stops. "Fixed prices" usually apply here, but they are not written down. Usually one should go for a public bus depending on Driving length no more than 250 Jamaica dollars numbers. (in Kingston).

A crazy idea, but also One way to get from A to B is to rent a car - However, we would only recommend this to people who are used to the city traffic of Kingston or who know the city somewhat.

Security in Kingston

Jamaica is currently not considered very safe. Many nations are currently warning against robbery and other criminal attacks on tourists. Of course we always had that in mind during our 4 nights in Jamaica.

Basically you can stick to a few things here in Kingston to explore the city without any problems.

  • When choosing your accommodation, you should make sure that it is accommodation in a good neighborhood or one that is adequately protected with security measures - we had our accommodation in Beverly Hills and there was an extra security service for the area
  • Avoid the outskirts of Kingston - as long as you are in central Kingston you are on fairly safe ground. Here you can see many security companies and police patrolling the streets. Trench Town, Kingston Center and everything along the Hope Rope are also considered very safe by the locals
  • In general, follow the principles of how to behave as a foreigner abroad
  • Do not obviously carry valuable items around with you!

Is it worth a trip to Kingston? Our conclusion

In a great many forums and blogs you often hear that Kingston is worth the trip. We stayed in Kingston for a total of 4 nights and unfortunately can't really confirm that. The city is very spacious and there is not much to do for tourists than to take in the sights of the city. Therefore, we think that a short trip or 1-2 nights in Kingston can be worthwhile to recite a few new impressions and thus get a better feeling for the Jamaican lifestyle. But whoever expects a flourishing metropolis in Kingston that is only so in spite of tourist attractions will not find what they are looking for.

There is also the VLOG from Kingston

[arve url = “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89XbK73IRJw&t=261s“ title = “World tour VLOG Jamaica Kingston“ description = “You also want to travel to Kingston but don't have a feel for the city yet? You can find out more here! "/]