What are the best hacks for iPhones

The best tricks for the iPhone

more memory

Everyone knows this: there is never enough memory. But iOS can remedy this on its own. Photos can be automatically transferred to iCloud. Only a small preview image then remains on the iPhone itself. All you have to do is activate "iPhone storage" in the settings under "Photos & Camera". Songs that you haven't heard for a long time can be deleted from the iPhone under "Music" and "Optimize memory".

Extend battery life

To ensure that your iPhone stays in the juice for a long time, you should make a few basic settings. 1. Reduce the brightness (Control Center, slider to the left), 2. Quit unused apps correctly (double-click on the homebut, then swipe the apps upwards), 3. Use flight mode (Control Center, airplane symbol) if you are not currently connected to the Internet and don't want to make a phone call: You can still listen to music and view photos and films downloaded to your iPhone.

Listen to music louder

The simplest iPhone trick that nobody knows: To increase the volume, all you have to do is select the "Late Night" mode in the equalizer. You can find the equalizer, which is switched off by default, under: Settings - Music.

Shake off mistakes

"Shake to remove" is the name of an ingenious function with which you can cancel text entries in messages and e-mails. The annoying deletion with the "Back" key is no longer necessary.

Set up abbreviations for messages

If you often use the same words in messages, you should be pleased: You can create your own abbreviations under Settings - General - Keyboard - Text Replacement. For this you have to click on the "+" at the top and first write the full text ("I'll be there") and then the abbreviation ("bgd"): Every time you now write "bgd" in a message, it replaces iPhone the abbreviation through the whole text.

Reply to messages faster

You don't even have to open the app or switch to it if you're busy with something else to answer a message: Simply drag the message about the receipt down at the top and reply in the input line.

Personal vibration patterns

Do you want to give certain friends their own vibration pattern? Nothing easier than that: Under "Settings" - "Sounds" - "Ringtone" - "Vibration" you can create a new vibration: Simply tap your favorite rhythm on the display with your finger and save it.

Insert symbols and numbers faster

Annoying: the constant switching between letters and numbers. It's also easier: You just have to hold down the toggle symbol and swipe your finger to the number you want.

Use a spirit level

Apple has also hidden a spirit level in the compass app. After opening the app, all you have to do is swipe to the left: the spirit level appears on the display.

The calculator trick

If you have made a mistake in the calculator, you can quickly delete the last digit (s) with a swiping gesture to the left in the number field.