How strong was Hashirama

Who is the strongest hokage?


When I look at your question, I feel like you want to know who was more powerful, Minato or Hashirama, right? Actually, I always wonder about things like that. I wonder what would happen if Hashirama and Minato were to fight. Who would win? And I start to compare their power and let them fight each other in my mind.

Hashirama can heal himself quickly due to his extraordinary life force, so he can easily survive any attack on him. On the other hand, Minato can teleport so quickly that he can easily escape any attack Hashirama would carry out. On the other hand, Minato can use his Rasengan, but I wonder if that can hurt Hashirama. Hashirama, along with his wise mode and wooden style, might be able to track where Minato would teleport next. But Minato, with his instantaneous reflexes, could evade that too.

Minato is able to defeat nine tails when he once sealed the animal. Hashirama, on the other hand, is someone who can control and tame the tail animal. He even won his fight with Madara, who controlled Kurama at the time.

But you don't have to worry for long. Naruto will one day become Hokage. He had promised that so often. And he will be the most powerful of all the Hokage for sure :)


The Konoha Shinobi should probably have a general idea of ​​who the strongest Hokage was. At least the Kages themselves should know. I'm not really looking for who would win in a fight, but who is considered the strongest cage.


Oh! I see now. Then Hashirama is the one who must be considered the strongest by Konaha Shinobi because he was the one who defeated Madara, and Madara is someone everyone is scared of because he can even control the nine tails with his Sharingan.


So what? Nauto can control Kyuubi without sharing it. Would that make him stronger than Madara?


@Sreepati We're talking about Hokages not Naruto ...


Actually, Sarutobi is supposed to be stronger than the 1st himself. The only thing holding him back is the fact that he is old. No other Hokage was as old as he and made him weaker than him. They also forget the fact that he shares the title "God of Shinobi" with Hashirama and the Sage of the Six Paths. It's damn impressive to be able to deal with Orochimaru and 2 of the strongest Hokage, even in an Edo Tensei form. Especially in a weak condition due to its age. In all honesty, Sarutobi is my favorite of all the Kage. But I'm pretty confident he's the strongest, if not the second.