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Become a millionaire: Young millionaire names 6 tips how to do it!

How do I become a millionaire? Everyone has asked themselves this question at least once in their life. While people used to dream of a luxury pension, today's young people are much more ambitious. But only because our age enables us to do so. Nowadays the internet in particular offers completely new possibilities.

In addition to streaming services and online shopping, there are above all those Career opportunitiesthat open up and enable young people to be very successful very early on.

Markus Baulig, Business consultant for new customer acquisition, is the perfect example of this. At just 25 years of age, he already has a fortune of several million euros. According to him, there will be more and more young millionaires in the future. Baulig reveals why it is the way he did it and, above all, how it is possible for anyone to reach the millions with the following 6 tips:

1. Take your life in hand!

Everyone has dreams and goals. Especially in your youth, you can quickly get inspiration, plan and draw up ideas. If you keep dreaming, however, not much will change. If you want to make your visions a reality, you have to do something about it.

Success will definitely not come by itself.

While some of them routinely watch films and series from their watch list on Netflix every evening, the millionaires to-be sit at their desks, collect inspiration and information, educate themselves and work active at their destination. Setbacks are accepted and not seen as a reason for failure, because the big picture is always kept in mind.

2. Stay physically and mentally fit!

The important thing is that you invest in yourself. You are the most important factor in success. First and foremost, you should eat healthy and stay fit. In addition to regular exercise, a healthy diet is also essential. It provides you with the nutrients you need to think clearly every day and to tackle your tasks with vigor. Think of it this way, you are the engine for your goal. The better you keep yourself in shape, the better you'll perform.

A healthy body is the basis, a healthy mind is the topping.

Education can be your strongest weapon, true to the motto "knowledge is power". Exchange ideas with others, read, learn and broaden your horizons. So you not only shine in your job, but also arrive super smart in your environment. Any investment in a book is a good investment.

3. Take risks and stand by them!

Markus Baulig is certain that every person has at least one idea a year with which he or she could become a millionaire. But most people simply do not pursue their goals or do not have enough willpower to get them through. For others, it's the fear of taking a risk. What if it doesn't work? Of course, ideas can also fail, that's completely normal.

Every successful entrepreneur has run into a wall at least once and ricocheted off hard.

The trick is to get up again, learn from the mistake, and move on. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Because of this, it's important sometimes too Taking risks in life. That doesn't mean you have to speculate on the stock market or place horse bets. However, you should stand up for your goals and dreams and do everything in motion that is necessary to realize them.

EXTRA: Failure as an opportunity for development and growth

4. Do not invest or consume!

Each Investing in a book is much more valuable than paying for a cell phone in installments. Living on credit may give you a kick in the present, but apart from debt, this lifestyle will bring you nothing at all for your future. What will you get out of it in twenty years, if you run after every trend today and spend your money on things that you can swap for new things in a very short time? You don't have to impress people with expensive things just to get their attention.

It is more important to increase your current wealth and invest in its growth.

Find one for it profitable source of money and save what is possible to then invest wisely. This is how you increase your money. When the first million arrives at some point, being a millionaire can also be a little bit of luxury.

5. Build a team!

Your idea is your capital. Know your own abilities, be aware of what you can and cannot do. For the latter, it's important to find people to do these things. Also everything that draws your energy and slows you down. So build a team that you can rely on and with whom the company can grow. The goal here should be that, as the boss, you ultimately work on and not in the company.

6. Use your generational advantage

We live in a digital world in which the smartphone and social media have become indispensable. This has created a huge market with an incredible amount of potential for generating millions. There are numerous examples of young entrepreneurs who have built a successful business through platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. And all from a small screen.

It is important that you recognize the current trends and take advantage of them.

Whether Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, keep an eye on current events and get on the most popular train. Your Appearance on the Internet Incidentally, it plays a crucial role. Many people get a first impression of a company through the website and potential Internet reviews before they choose it for their job or buy its products.

Conclusion: this is how you become a millionaire

Think big, keep fit, take risks and save your money. In this way, you will become rich and successful as a millionaire in the long run, while your peers fall into everyday life and, in the worst case, don't even put money aside for retirement. Be more disciplined and take your life into your own hands, then nothing stands in the way of the million.

Markus Baulig (25) is the operational managing director of the management consultancy Baulig Consulting GmbH in Koblenz. Together with his brother, he took the business from zero to around 25 million annual sales in four years. His focus is on the digitization of business processes: the consulting company gets by efficiently with 45 employees despite thousands of customers and this team conveniently controls Baulig via smartphone. His message: "We have created a functioning system and every entrepreneur can install it in his company."