Cats can feel sadness

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A second chance for cats

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What a cat can give to humans

  • A cat has a calming effect on humans. The sight of a cat dozing in front of itself, but especially the steady purring, relaxes people who are stressed by the hustle and bustle and all everyday stress falls away.
  • Cats exude contentment and serenity. The sight delights the soul.
  • Cats are extremely sensitive and delicate animals. When a person is sick, they feel it and lie down with him. Often amazingly exactly where the beloved mistress is in pain.
  • Cats are loyal companions to lonely people. Older people in particular, who may have been deeply affected by the death of a close relative and are suddenly alone, can get a new job and new courage through a cat and experience unconditional affection through the animal. A cat is also easier to care for than a dog, as it is not necessary to take the animal for long walks or the like. For older people, a not so young, full-grown cat with a calm character is ideal.
  • Acquiring a cat can even have therapeutic effects on a person's psyche in this way. Cats are just fine!
  • Through cats and their parents' role model in dealing with living beings, children learn to take responsibility and to regain access to nature.

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