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Aussie Slang: Australian-German Dictionary

Here you can find a small one German-Australian dictionary with the most common and funniest expressions or the most typical vocabulary that characterize the dialict in Australia. In this way you learn something about both the language and the culture of the fascinating red continent. In addition, you can prevent one or the other misunderstanding and always know exactly what it is about.

By the way: If you are interested in why the word Aussie is so popular on the 5th continent and in what contexts it is used, you should take a closer look at the article Aussie: Australians and their so frequently used slang word.

Have fun learning the real thing Aussie slang!

Aggro: aggressive
Amber fluid: beer
Ankle biter: toddler
Apples, she'll be: everything will be fine
Arvo: afternoon
Aussie: Australians
Aussie rules: Football with Australian rules
Aussie salute: Scare away flies

B & B: Bed and Breakfast (bed and breakfast)
Back of Bourke: in the middle of nowhere
Banana bender: residents of Queensland
Barbie: barbecue
Bathers: swimsuit
Battler: hard working person, low income
Beaut, beauty: fantastic
Bikkie: Cookie
Billabong: water hole
Billy: Tin tea pot
Bingle: Traffic accident, mistake
Bities: stinging, biting insects
Bizzo: business, business
Bloke: Man, guy
Bloody: very, extremely
Bloody oath !: That's right!
Blow in the bag: Breathalyser Test (alcohol test)
Bludger: idlers
Bluey: popular working dog in the outback
Bluey: Worker's jacket
Bluey: blue jellyfish
Bodgy: inferior quality
Bogged: getting stuck in the mud / sand with the car
Boogie board: small surfboard
Boomer: large male kangaroo
Booze bus: Police vehicle that picks up drunks
Boozer: pub
Bored shitless: very boring
Bottle shop: shop that sells alcoholic beverages
Brekkie: breakfast
Brick shit house, built like a: tall, strong man
Brickie: Bricklayer
Brizzie: Brisbane
Bull bar: steel bar on the car, which is supposed to protect against an impact with kangaroos / animals (front protection bar)
Bum: bum, ass
Bundy: Bundaberg
Bunyip: made up creature from the outback
Bush: wild grown marijuana
Bush telly: fire camp
Bushie: person who lives in the outback
BYO: Bring your Own: Restaurants in which you can drink alcoholic beverages you have brought yourself

Cab Sav: Cabernet Sauvignon
Cane toad: person from Queensland (sugar cane toad)
Cark it: die
Cat burying shit, as busy as a: busy
Chewie: Chewing gum
Chokkie: chocolate
Chook: Hen
Chrissie: Christmas
Chuck a sickie: turn blue
Cleanskin: bottle of wine without a label
Click: kilometers
Coathanger: Sydney Harbor Bridge
Cobber: friend
Cockie: cockroach
Cockroach: Person from New South Wales
Coldie: cold beer
Counter lunch: Lunch in the pub
Crack a fat: get an erection
Cranky: in a bad mood
Crook: sick
Crow eater: Person from South Australia
Cut lunch: sandwiches
Cut snake, mad as a: very angry

Dag: strange person
Daks: pants
Damper: outback bread
Dead dingo's donger, as dry as a: dry
Dead horse: ketchup, tomato sauce
Deadset: true, the truth
Dickhead: Idiot
Digger: Soldier
Dill: idiot
Dipstick: Looser, idiot
Divvy van: Police vehicle that transports criminals
Docket: receipt
Dog: ugly woman
Dog's balls, stands out like: obviously
Dog's eye: meat cake
Donger: penis
Doodle: penis
Down Under: Australia
Drink with the flies: drink alone
Drongo: stupid person
Dunny: Outhouse

Earbashing: talking and nagging without interruption
Early bird: early risers
Enzedder: New Zealanders
Esky: cool box
Evo: evening
Exy: expensive

Face, off one's: drunk
Fair dinkum: true
Fair go !: Give us a break
Feral: Hippie
Figjam: "F..k I'm good, just ask me" - conceited person
Fisho: fish seller
Flake: shark meat
Footy: Australian rules football
Franger: condom
Freckle: anus
Fremantle Doctor: Perth's cool breeze
Freo: Short for Fremantle, a town in Western Australia
Fruit loop: fool, idiot
Full: drunk
Furphy: Rumor

G'Day: Hi, good afternoon!
Garbo: Garbage collector
Give it a burl: try it
Good oil: good idea, good info
Globe: lightbulb
Good onya: good for you
Goon: Fusel
Goon, slap the: blow the shit away
Gravel road: unpaved road
Greenie: an eco
Grinning like a shot fox: very happy
Gray nomads: Gray nomads = travelers Australian pensioners
Grouse: very good
Gutful of piss: totally drunk
Gyno: gynecologist

Handle: beer glass with handle
Heaps of: a lot of
Holy dooley !: signals a surprise
Hoon: Hooligan
Hooroo: bye
Hottie: hot water bottle
Hydro: home-grown marijuana

Icy pole: ice cream on style

Joey: Baby kangaroo
Journo: journalist
Jug: beer mug
Jumbuck: sheep

Kelpie: Australian Shepherd Dog
Kero: Petroleum
Kindie: Kindergarten
Kiwie: New Zealanders
Knock-off: after work

Lammington: small cakes with chocolate and desiccated coconut
Lippy: lipstick
Liquid laugh: throw up
Loo: toilet
Lollies: candy
Longneck: beer bottle with 750 ml content
Lucky Country, The: Australia

Maccas: Mc Donald's
Mate: buddy
Method: alcohol
Middy: Beer glass with a capacity of 285 ml
Milk bar: corner shop
Milko: Milkman
Moolah: money
Mozzie: mosquito
Muddy: Crab
Mull: marijuana
Mystery bag: sausages

Nasho: National Service = military service
Naughty, have a: slide a number
Never Never: Outback
No drama !: no problem, don't worry
No worries !: no problem, don't worry
No-hoper: hopeless case
Not the full quid: not the very brightest
Nuddy, in the: naked

Offsider: Assistant
Old fella: penis
Oldies: Parents, the old ones
Op shop: opportunity shop = second hand shop
Outback: Outback, Central Australia
Oz: Australia

Pash: long, passionate kiss
Pav: a delicious, creamy, Australian dessert
Perve: tensioner, gawker, tension, gawk
Piece of piss: child's play, ease
Pig's ass !: Ass, but I disagree!
Pint: a large glass of beer
Piss: beer
Pissed: drunk
plate, bring a: self-sufficiency (regarding food, e.g. at barbecues)
Plonk: Fusel, cheap wine
Pokies: slot machine
Polly: Politicians
Pom, pommy, pommie: English / British
Pommy Bastard: English
Pommy shower: Italian showers (use deodorant instead of showering)
Porky: Lie
Port: suitcase
Postie: postman, postman
Pot: beer glass with 285 ml content, hashish
Pozzy: place (e.g. in a football stadium)
Prezzy: present

Quid, make a: make a living
Quid, not the full: be stupid

Rack off: fuck off
Rage: Party
Rage on: keep celebrating
Ratbag: Troublemaker
Reckon !: Absolutely !, you can leave one to that!
Reffo: Referee
Rego: registration (vehicle)
Rellie or relo: relative
Ridgy-didge: original, honest, real
Right, she: It'll be fine, everything will be fine.
Right, that'd be: Half that bad, never mind.
Rip snorter: great, fantastic
Ripper: great, fantastic
Ripper, you little !: That's great! Excellent!
Road train: large truck with lots of trailers
Roadie: a beer to take away
Rock up: emerge, arrive
Rollie: hand-rolled cigarette
Roo: kangaroo
Roo bar: see bull bar
Root: f ... en, sexual act
Root rat: Lustful newt
Ropeable: pissed off, very angry
Rotten: drunk
Rubbish: criticize

Salute, Aussie: drive away a hand movement to fly
Salvose: Salvation Army
Sandgroper: Person from Western Australia
Sanger: Sandwich
Scratchy: permanent lottery ticket
Seppo: Americans
Servo: gas station
Shark biscuit: beginner surfers
Sheepshagger: New Zealanders
Sheila: a woman
Shit house: toilet, shit house
Shout: give a round
Show pony: specify
Sickie: turn blue
Skull / Skol (a beer): Drink (beer) in one go
Slab: Beer carton with 24 cans
Smoko: smoking break
Snag: sausages
Spag bol: Spaghetti Bolognese
Spit the dummy: get very upset about something
Station: large farm
Stickybeak: curious person
Strides: pants
Strine: Australian slang
Stubby: Beer bottle with 375 ml content
Stuffed, I feel: I'm exhausted
Sunbake: sunbathing
Sunnies: sunglasses
Surfies: surfers
Swag: roll-out bedchamber for the campfire
Swaggie: tramp
SWAGMAN: Vagrant

Tall poppies: successful people
Tall poppy syndrome: tendency to criticize successful people
Tallie: Beer bottle with 750 ml content
Taswegian: swear word for person from Tasmania
Technicolor yawn: throw up
Tee-up: make an appointment
Thongs: cheap sandals, flip flops
Throw-down: small beer that is drunk quickly
Tinny: Beer can
Tinny: small aluminum boat
Togs: swimsuit
Too right !: Definitely!
Top end: far north in Australia
Truckie: Trucker
True blue: patriotic
Tucker: eat

Ugg boots: Australian sheep's wool boots
Unit: apartment
Undies: underwear
Unsealed road: unpaved road
Ute: utility vehicle = pick-up truck

Vedgies: vegetables
Vee dub: Volkswagen
Veg out: hang out in front of the TV
Vegemite: Australian spread
Vejjo: vegetarian

Walkabout: Aboriginal hike through the outback
Weekend warrior: Army reservist
Whacker: Idiot
Whinge: complain
White pointers: topless in women
Wog: cold, flu
Wog: person from the Mediterranean (insult)
Wombat: someone who sleeps, eats, and ...
Woop Woop: name for small towns
Wowser: spoilsport
Wuss: coward

XXXX (Four X): Brand of beer

Yabber: talk a lot
Yanks: Americans
Yakka: work
Yewy: U-turn
Yobbo: a rude person

Zonked: exhausted, tired


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