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Major career choice test: which job is right for me?

Description of the test

This career choice test is designed for all school leavers. Regardless of whether you have a secondary school diploma, a secondary school diploma or the (technical) Abitur: With your result, you can see which professions are suitable for you and which training path you can take to achieve the professional qualification.

A career choice test cannot, of course, replace personal career advice at the employment office. Once you have determined which professions are suitable for you, the next step is to determine whether you also have the necessary qualifications. We have clearly compiled the most important apprenticeships in our job database. You can click directly on the relevant professions in your results and see which requirements are necessary for the profession.
You can find information about all other displayed professions in the Berufenet at


In addition to the employment office, there are also many private providers of career choice tests.

If you are not sure which profession to choose after this test, there are also some paid profession choice tests. You have to pay some money here, but you can then fall back on even more specific suggestions.


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Please answer the following 75 questions according to the following criteria:


Note 1

Grade 2

Note 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

I really want to do it.

I could imagine.

I can partly imagine.

It's not really for me.

I definitely don't want to.