Why did you choose your major?

From the 7th school year you will receive a fourth main subject in addition to mathematics, German and English. This subject is a Elective subject and is called Profile course designated.

That means:

choice - You choose one of four learning areas.

mandatory - With the subject you have now chosen, you will make a binding commitment by the end of the 10th school year. You will then be taught in this profile course together with all 7th grade students who have chosen this subject.

What do you have to consider before choosing?

Since you decide on your choice by the end of the 10th school year, you should think very carefully about which area of ​​study you will choose.

What requirements should you have?

  1. You need to know about the content and goals of the subject.
  2. Your interest and motivation should be so great that you can hold out until the end of 10th grade.
  3. You shouldn't have any problems in this learning area either.
  4. You shouldn't let friends or the popularity of teachers influence you in your voting decision. Friends and teachers can switch.
  5. You cannot change the profile course you have now selected later. So do your research and make sensible decisions.

How important and significant is the profile course?

  • All profile courses are equally important and equally valuable.
  • Each profile course is one of the main subjects that are particularly important when awarding the school leaving certificate after grade 10.
  • The grade of your profile course should be at least "sufficient" if you want to achieve a secondary school leaving certificate after class 9, a secondary school leaving certificate after class 10, or the technical college entrance qualification (intermediate qualification, FOR).
  • For the technical college entrance qualification with the authorization to attend the gymnasiale Oberstufe (FOR Q) you have to achieve at least the grade “satisfactory” in the profile course.
  • Profile courses are taught four hours per week in year 7 and 8, and three hours per week in year 9 and 10. As in the main subjects, you also write class tests.
  • The grade of the profile course is more important in the certificate than that of the minor subjects.

Which profile courses are offered that you can choose from?

  • Natural sciences

  • Representation and design

  • Spanish

  • Work apprenticeship technology / housekeeping

Brief guidance:

Natural Sciences (Nawi)
You already had natural sciences in year 5. If you like to get to the bottom of things, research and discover, you have come to the right place. Physics and chemistry are added later. The subjects biology, chemistry and physics will all have students in the next few years. You would then have Nawi in addition to the regular lessons. Keyword: researcher

Representation and design (DG)
If you like to play theater on a big stage in front of an audience, you will be trained as an actor here and can write stories and scripts. Keyword: theater

If you are already good at English in year 5, you have language skills and can learn another foreign language. You have to learn a lot by heart. You can use Spanish later in an upper level to acquire the Abitur, if you have the qualification "Fachoberschulreife mit Q-Vermerk" with us. Keyword: language talent

Work theory technology / housekeeping
You got to know both subjects in year 5. In year 7 you have to decide later for technology or housekeeping. In the regular lessons, work apprenticeship in combination with economics reappears for all students later. Keyword: craft


The subjects of the profile courses introduce themselves

Representation and design
Once a year, on the stage in the auditorium of the school center, the pupils in grades 7-10 present what they have created in the subject in front of an audience. Do you want to know more?
You can find more information here: Representation and design

You get access to the Spanish-speaking world. As the 3rd world language, Spanish is useful for the job market. Two foreign languages ​​are required to acquire the Abitur. Do you want to know more?
You can find more information here: Spanish

Natural Sciences (Nawi)
The profile course Natural Sciences (Nawi) is intended for schoolchildren who want to deepen their interest in the field of natural sciences. The profile course Nawi exists in addition to the regular classes for all students in biology, physics and chemistry. Do you want to know more?
You can find more information here: Nawi

Work apprenticeship technology / housekeeping
This profile course is intended for those students who enjoy technology and home economics classes, show talent or interest in this area and like to work "with their hands". First impressions are from grades 5 and 6. There are also regular classes there is still AL technology or AL housekeeping, so that, for example, you have twice the subject yourself in year 10. The content in the profile course is even more practical and project-oriented.
You can find more information here: Work theory

Performance reviews in the subjects

Dates 2021 profile course choice

The implementation will be adapted to the current pandemic situation and the dates will be updated as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding.


Information evening for parents of the 6th year

  1. Parents letter profile course choice

  2. Pupil information from the 6th grade round by the profile course specialist teacher

  3. Class leaders receive ballot papers for students

  1. Opportunity to observe students in the profile courses

  2. Advice from subject and class teachers

Submission of ballot papers (with signature of parents)


1. Evaluation of the election

2. Individual case - consultations (correct decision?)

2. Creation of the first course lists (course sizes, specifications)


May 11th

Parents' day


May 20 (planned)

1. Final voting decision

2. Classification of the courses