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Salaries in the vacation and tourism industry

While many employees look forward to their well-deserved vacation every year, this time means high season for employees in the vacation and tourism industry. has selected some professions in the industry and determined salaries

Occupations in the vacation industry

Top salaries for pilots

Pilots fly us to the most distant countries and holiday destinations. You deserve the highest salary in the travel industry. Their median annual salary is around 92,126 euros.

If you are interested in the job, you will have to take a major aptitude test. In addition to well-founded specialist knowledge, pilots are also expected to be in excellent physical and mental fitness. A large number of applicants do not successfully complete the test.

Since many training flight hours have to be done, training and career entry programs are usually carried out in cooperation with airlines. Incidentally, the size of the aircraft decides in which position the pilot steers a machine - i.e. as co-pilot or as captain.

High salaries for hotel directors

According to the evaluation, hotel directors receive the second highest salary. You receive around 65,125 euros a year. The fact that their salary is higher for the otherwise low level of remuneration in the industry is primarily due to the personnel responsibility that hotel directors have. Anyone who moves up to a management position always receives a higher salary than skilled workers.

You manage hotels and are responsible for the entire process. Controlling, human resources and attending trade fairs also fall within her area of ​​responsibility. Depending on the size of the hotel and the number of employees, hotel directors also take care of controlling internal quality management.

How do you become a hotel manager?

Anyone who has completed training as a hotel manager, for example, comes one step closer to their career aspirations through a master craftsman. Interested parties can also create ideal conditions for the job through a degree in tourism or hotel management.

Hotel manager: The size of the hotel determines the tasks

The hotel manager is the deputy of the hotel director. In his absence, hotel managers make important decisions. You take care of administrative activities, keep order and ensure constant customer satisfaction. The job can also include office activities - but this always depends on the size of the hotel and the team.

Her annual salary is around 32,685 euros. This is relatively little in relation to each other, but as a rule hotel managers do not have any managerial responsibility, they merely provide technical guidance to colleagues.

In any case, language skills are an advantage in this job - those who speak different languages ​​fluently can communicate better with the guests. Resistance to stress and social skills are also essential for the job.

Those who start through a degree have good qualifications. However, anyone who works for a certain amount of time on the job and in exchange with customers also receives important experience for the job.

Bus driver - in the small cockpit on the road

Bus drivers also take us to the most beautiful places - but on a smaller scale than their colleagues in the cockpit of the air. Their median salary is around 29,500 euros.

You work for municipal transport companies as well as (inter) national travel companies or even tour operators. Bus drivers prepare the trips, but are also responsible for the process and order on board. Depending on the area of ​​responsibility, they inform their customers about sights or carry out small repairs on the vehicle. They ensure the safety of all passengers.

Massage therapist / medical lifeguard: relaxation in the sauna area

Massage therapists and medical lifeguards are not (only) responsible for safety in the hotel's bathing area. In health centers, baths and saunas, they perform various treatments, therapies and massages on customers. These may have been postponed by a doctor, but some are also carried out on the individual patient's request.

In the tourism industry in particular, you will find masseurs and medical lifeguards in sauna areas, where they support guests in rest and relaxation. These range from acupuncture treatments and infrared light irradiation to facials and pedicures. Their median annual salary is around EUR 29,112.

The same is true of sports and fitness traders. You design sports offers, but also take on administrative tasks. They mainly find employment in fitness studios as well as in wellness centers and sports facilities that exist in large hotel complexes and on cruise ships. Sports and fitness salespeople create individual training plans, supervise training methods, explain fitness equipment and provide educational work on health and nutrition. At the same time, numerous administrative and organizational tasks also fall into their area, which is why the training has a large commercial component. Their median salary is EUR 27,543 per year.

Tourism and leisure merchants: They know holiday destinations like the back of their hand

Anyone who can call themselves a businessperson for tourism and leisure supports customers who love to travel in planning and designing their vacation. You work in travel agencies, but also in event companies on site in the travel destination. They put together travel packages in which they understand the needs and wishes of the customer and implement them in a targeted manner. Tourism and leisure traders receive an annual salary of around 28,425 euros.

They organize excursions to tourist attractions, provide information on cultural offers and general advice on the destination. If tourism and leisure salespeople work on site, they usually have a very good overview of various events and activities as well as local knowledge. So you know the travel destination like the back of their hand.

Marketing also plays a decisive role here - they can ensure that guests come back and recommend the destination to others. At the same time, they are also working very specifically on advertising measures through flyers, the website or presence in social media.

Hands-on mentality among hotel professionals

Hotel professionals are a classic apprenticeship in the hotel industry. Depending on the size of the hotel, they are girl / boy for everything. They advise guests, check hotel rooms, organize events, sit at reception and have a look at the accounting. In theory, they can provide support in all departments and are therefore essential for a hotel. Purchasing and managing groceries can also be part of their tasks, as can public relations or customer care. This is always very much dependent on the size and structure of the company. Their median salary is around 23,900 euros a year.

Service is the be-all and end-all

Service is also very important in the travel industry. Those who do without motivated and well-trained service staff piss off customers and accept bad reputations. On the one hand, the tourism service staff ensures satisfaction. They work in the hotel's own pubs and restaurants or are responsible for room service. Here, too, there may be more or fewer activities depending on the size of the company. They earn an average of 26,877 euros.

The main tasks of the maids and room boys are the maintenance of the hotel rooms and the event rooms. At around EUR 20,570, their income is just slightly above the statutory minimum wage.

You can find an overview of the professions and the respective salary data in the table below.


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