Why is anonymous sex so enjoyable

First time sex: 9 questions

There are no instructions on how to have sex. It is important to always be considerate of the other person and not to do anything that he or she does not want or that may cause pain.


Kissing, caressing and tender touch lead to sexual arousal. As a result, the vagina becomes moist in the girl and the penis becomes stiff in the boy. If you want to use a condom to use contraception, this is the time to put the condom on your stiff penis. This requires some experience. Therefore, it makes sense to practice either on your own penis or on a penis-like object before the first sexual contact. In an "emergency" it is easier to put on the condom.


Girls can sometimes take a little longer to be sexually aroused. You should take time for mutual caresses and respond to the needs of your partner. Sexual excitement is expressed in girls when the vagina becomes moist, and the clitoris swells a little (the visible part is a small bump where the labia meet). Then the penis can be gently inserted into the vagina. Through rhythmic movement the pleasure is increased and it can come to an orgasm. This manifests itself in boys through the ejaculation, in girls through involuntary contractions (i.e. contraction) of the pelvic floor muscles.


You shouldn't put yourself under pressure and take your time. The first time doesn't have to be perfect and in the very few cases it is. The saying "Practice makes perfect" also applies to sex. So if it wasn't quite what you imagined the first time, that's not a mishap. Being open to one another about preferences, about what you liked or disliked improves the experience. This is the only way for the partner to respond.