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How long does it take for Candle Magic to work? [Explained]

When it comes to candles, there is a lot to be said. They connect us with our senses, influence moods, change surroundings or clean objects. It depends on their purpose, when they are created, and the intent of when they are illuminated. Today we're going to find out how long it takes for candle magic to work and how we can speed up the process.

For example, ritual candles are made at certain times of the year or at different stages of the lunar cycle. Summer energy is different from autumn energy. The candles made in summer are used to stimulate the environment and the autumn candles to purify it.

There are candles that are specially made for eclipses and are intended to clarify ideas. The essence, colors and herbs with which they are ready to combine with their purpose. You can buy them or make them all yourself. It really depends on how you want to go about it and how you feel about it. If you want to make your own candles, consider this part of the ritual.

For example, light blue candles are made regularly on a new moon cycle and have a lilac or lavender scent.The goal of these candles is to help someone relax and let go of all worries. On the contrary, royal blue candles have rosemary and rue to impose the strength and will of those who work with them. That is why we call them domain candles.

Beyond the ingredients they work with, during the process of making candles, their purpose is sown, as enchants are chanted in the process of tempering the wax, preparing the wick, and awakening the power of essential oils.

When making candles, always ask permission from the four cardinal points and work with the three kingdoms (minerals, plants and animals) Candles are a ritual art, it takes patience because everything that is worthwhile takes time.

Before we proceed

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But how long does it take for candle magic to work?

It depends on. Candles are used for many different spells and rituals, and the timing differs depending on how they are used.

When we cast a spell with candles, their energy flow and properties usually manifest themselves within 1-2 weeks. Of course it depends on the instructions of the spells, but in general this is the time frame. Let's say you cast a candle love spell and the instructions tell you it takes 14 days for it to manifest. Then you should be patient and just wait.

What can you do with the candles to make things manifest faster?

I usually use my intuition to guide me, but I often keep the candles in a safe place while I wait for the spell to manifest. When I cast a spell that I'm comfortable with and the energy is finally manifesting, I light the same candle I used for the spell earlier, 7 days after the first spell, and again 14 days after the first spell.

When it comes to a black magic spell, I usually avoid relighting the candle as I prefer to remove and throw away the remains of the candle and other ingredients. I find it helps me forget about the practice and focus on positive energy again. But follow your instincts and you will not fail.

Candles for cleaning: immediate effect

Candles are great for cleaning. We can use a white or a black candle if we feel that the energy around us is heavy and we are a little uncomfortable. If you want to clean a room like your home, work place, or any other place where you spend a lot of time, lighting a candle will give you instant results as it will attract all negativity and turn the energy into a positive one

That's why lighting a candle can instantly make you feel better.

Of course, to amplify the effect, keeping it lit for a while is a great option so that you can enjoy the positive effects over the long term.

Candles for the Sabbath: 2-3 weeks

I love performing both Sabbath and seasonal rituals as they really help me adjust to the changing energies I come from nature, the sun and the moon.

When I do, I usually keep the candles I use for the Sabbath when honoring a season or Mother Nature, and I love using them in long-term rituals to really attract the energy I need to be one to face a new phase. So I light them every day until they are completely consumed by their flame.

My tip is to use at least 5-7 candles when performing the Sabbath ritual and re-light them one at a time so that they cover all the time it takes for me to draw energy without having to use a new candle .

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Candles for the moon rituals: 3 days

I love doing full moon / new moon rituals and I really feel a huge shift in energy within 3 days of doing them.

I usually use a white candle for these rituals and I use the flame to burn my list of intentions or forgivenesses (depending on the type of moon phase) I keep the candle lit for up to 3 days afterwards, as the moon phases usually last 3 days take their climax.

I put the candle aside and use it for another ritual later, but I make sure to use the candle f or ONLY lunar rituals.

Here are some tips for doing spiritual work with candles

When lighting a candle for a ritual, stay away from distractions and spend time with it as the flame you are lighting will spiritually connect with your body. It is a subtle energy that deserves time, space, care, and attention. Take the candle in hand and connect it with the purpose of lighting it. Hold it on, take a deep breath, relax your body, mind, and emotions before you light it up.

The clearer your mind, the faster you will connect with the light. It is better to light a candle for 30 minutes a day than to do it once and in a hurry. You can edit the same candle for one, two, or three lunar cycles, specify its use, and keep a purpose for it. If it's not by the third month, it's time to release it and set your intent on something else.

Avoid using red candles when working with sick people, since red cans worsen a condition, it is better to work with purple or light blue candles.

Always have white candles handy, they can be used for many different purposes.

  • Thank you every candle every time you extinguish it and thank yourself for allowing yourself to connect with your inner light.
  • Decorative candles are meant to beautify the environment, enjoy their purpose when they are created and do not try to turn them into candles with magical intent as you will not get favorable results as they will not during the creation ritual Have intention.

    Candle magic takes too long to work. What can I do?

    Just be patient and wait a little longer. It takes time for candle magic to manifest. If you are not focused and / or fully committed to the practice, the manifestation will take longer, if at all.

    Maintain a positive attitude, trust, honor and thank your candles for their support in your magical practice and let the energy do its work.