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Current average income in Germany by sector and federal state

rankBranchGross annual income of full-time employees in 20201.Provision of financial and insurance services80,030 euros2.power supply71,738 euros3.information and communication69,518 euros4.Professional, scientific and technical services66,852 euros5.Real estate and housing57,543 euros6.Education and instruction57,432 euros7.Manufacturing55,174 euros8.Mining and quarrying of stones and earth55,559 euros9.Manufacturing53,351 euros10.Arts, entertainment and recreation53,295 euros11.Public and personal services (total)52,479 euros12.Manufacturing industry and economic services (total)52,460 euros13.Manufacturing industry and service sector (total)52,464 euros14.Service sector (total)51,953 euros15.Health and social services51,696 euros16.Economic services51,635 euros17.Public administration, defense; social insurance50,837 euros18.Provision of other services49,309 euros19.trade48,859 euros20.Water supply45,426 euros21.construction industry44,842 euros22.Transportation and storage40,369 euros23.Other economic services34,181 euros24.Hospitality25,705 euros