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Continuing education - a growth market

The German-speaking MBA market with around 450 full-time, part-time and distance learning programs as well as the The international MBA market has now become completely confusing: 1,500 providers with around 5,000 MBA programs in total are vying for the favor of customers. Hundreds of websites advertise the "best" MBA programs. Universities are constantly creating new programs, many of which have little to do with a real MBA course apart from the image-rich MBA label. The laws of the market also apply in the education market.

Growth - Students in postgraduate master’s programs

Source: Research Educationconsult / Federal Statistical Office

In addition, in 2014/2015 there were around 936 further education students in industrial engineering departments with a focus on business administration and 1547 students in administrative sciences. The Federal Statistical Office does not show how many of them are MBA students. However, if one assumes that around two thirds of the programs are WiWi MBA programs, a cautious estimate can be made.

In the MBA and Master's Guide, in addition to the MBA Ö programs, we also present further education Masters. And the market for further education Masters is also growing. These often specialized programs are offered as Master in Management, Master of Finance, Master in Logistics, etc. In Germany alone they make up an estimated 100 programs. The MBA and Master's Guide will also provide a home for these continuing education programs in the future. We cover around 95 percent of all program offers in D-A-CH. Of the programs presented, around 80 percent are MBA programs.

In Europe and particularly in Germany, the MBA programs are characterized by small age groups, which speaks for very good supervision and enables excellent contacts between the MBA students. "In terms of method, too, European and especially German universities are taking a different path than their American competitors," according to an analysis by HHL lecturers in the Handelsblatt. “For example, case studies are also used as didactic means in Europe and Germany. However, they are not the basis for conveying content, as is almost always the case in the USA ”. This means that, according to German philosophy, a well-founded basic knowledge is first imparted and this is then applied to the practice-relevant case. The conveyance of content tends to go from theory to special case.

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