How is tips calculated in the UAE

When people travel, they not only get to know the customs of their host country - they also influence them. The tip principle was still completely unknown in some regions, but now low-wage service providers there also appreciate the additional money. But in some countries, the small recognition in the form of cash is still uncommon - or even an insult. Incidentally, this gesture of thanks is an affront all over the world if it turns out to be too stingy: if you only want to spend a few cents on it, you better save it.


In French Restaurants Tipping is a voluntary and at the same time involuntary matter: On the one hand, the "pourboire" is already included in the price, on the invoice it is usually listed as "Service comprised 15%". On the other hand, the Garçon is still happy when guests leave a few euros on the plate or basket with the bill, a small amount is enough. Rounding up when paying is not common and such requests are deliberately ignored by most waiters - they simply give the change back in full. Which doesn't mean that they don't want to collect the coins on their plates. Incidentally, groups are better to pay together, or one from the group first, and you can then carefully divide them afterwards.

in the hotel You also give the room staff a few euros or leave money on the bathroom mirror. And those who stay in hotels that are so expensive that they can use the services of porters or porters should show their appreciation to them too. in the taxi the fare is rounded up, preferably by ten percent of the total bill.

Would you like to say hello with a short "Bonjour"? Oh, mon Dieu! The travel etiquette for France.