What is the most popular shoe of 2019

Trend shoes: These are the most popular sneakers in Germany

Do you even need anything other than sneakers in your shoe closet? This question is justified. You can wear sneakers everywhere these days - that's not a simple claim. Sneakers can be worn in the office and with a dress even if the dinner invitation says “Cocktail”.

The fashion search engine Lyst has analyzed which sneakers Germans prefer to wear. Every three months, Lyst publishes fashionable top rankings, from the most popular products to the most popular fashion brands, based on its own formula, Google data and mentions in social media. The latter include Off-White (in 1st place), Balenciaga (in 3rd place), Nike (in 11th place) and Adidas (in 19th place). They go very well with the sneakers that are currently most sought after in Germany.

Trend ranking for summer 2019: These are the most wanted sneakers in Germany

Who is looking for Balenciaga sneakers?

In the ranking of sneakers, which we search for particularly often in Germany, it is noticeable that the search is more for designer models than for sneakers from major sports manufacturers. Obviously we are ready to spend more money on sneakers. Above all, still for one model: the “Triple S” from Balenciaga. This is the lumpy shoe that has the shoe size on it, so while it looks like your size 43, the printed 37 can prove otherwise. After its launch, this model was always sold out at first, but is now easily available and the most wanted sneaker in Bavaria and Hesse. In Baden-Württemberg and Berlin, people are looking for the “Speed” model from Balenciaga, and in Lower Saxony for the “Arena” model.

The most popular sneaker in the world

In Rhineland-Palatinate, people are looking for a sneaker that is currently at the top of the world's most popular models at Lyst, the “Oversize Sneaker” by Alexander McQueen. The Saarland also relied on designers instead of sports brands, where the “Rhyton” model from Gucci is particularly popular. You are looking for a mixture of sportswear, streetwear and luxury fashion in Thuringia with the suede sneakers from Off-White, of course with a large logo.

Do Germans prefer Adidas to Nike?

According to the global Lyst ranking, Nike is perhaps eight places more popular as a brand, but in Germany people prefer to look for sneakers from the German company from Herzogenaurach. Only in Hamburg is there great interest in the “Air Max 97” from Nike. Instead, the residents of Saxony-Anhalt want sneakers from New Balance, specifically: the “M 990 GL4”.

What is of particular interest in most federal states is the designer collaborations with Adidas. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, one looks for the “Boost 350” from Yeezy and Adidas, for which one cannot simply walk into a shop to buy it - one has to queue for days or gain the opportunity to buy it. The sneakers from Adidas and Raf Simons are also popular: in Brandenburg people like the “Stan Smith” from the cooperation, in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia the futuristic Ugly sneaker “Ozweego”. In Bremen, one looks particularly often for the “boxing sneaker” in black and orange by Y-3, which Yohji Yamamoto is designing for Adidas.

In Saxony, the taste when it comes to sneakers is much more cautious than in all other federal states. You are looking for the "Original Achilles" from Common Projects. No loud colors and shapes, no designer names, no extravagant collaborations.

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