How does AT T U Vers

TUcard (student ID)

The Student ID in chip card format (TUcard) identifies you as a student and therefore as a member of the Vienna University of Technology. The TUcard is designed as a photo ID and is therefore used to verify identity during examinations and in all facilities of the TU Wien. The TUcard will accompany you throughout your entire study period! The TUcard is also an official photo ID, which - like the driver's license - is not recognized by every authority as sufficient proof of identity (e.g. nationality is not shown on the TUcard).

Where can I get my TUcard?

You will receive the TUcard when you personally enroll in the studies department. Since the TUcard is a photo ID, you must upload a photo of yourself on which you are clearly recognizable as part of the online application for a degree. Please notice that There is no possibility to upload a photo in the study department! It is therefore advisable to carry out the online application for a degree from a private computer in order to be able to upload the desired photo for the student ID without any problems.

How long is the TUcard valid?

On the Back of the TU Card is that Validity date of ID. With proper admission and timely notification of the continuation of studies each semester by paying the ÖH fee or tuition fee during the admission period, the ID for the Summer semester always until November 30th. and for that Winter semester until April 30th valid.

How do I extend my TUcard?

The Extension of the validity date is after notification of the continuation during the admission period by yourself possible at the designated terminals (TUcard kiosks) at different locations. You can find the locations of the kiosks here, an external URL opens in a new window.

I lost my TUcard! What should I do?

First you have to block your TUcard in your student account. To do this, log into TISS and deactivate your card under the "Organization" tab in the "TUcard" menu item. Then follow the further instructions in TISS. A photo must be uploaded for the new card and a card replacement fee of 15 euros must be paid.

You must then file a loss report with the magistrate or a theft report with the police.

If you have successfully ordered a new card, you will come to the study department during opening hours with an official photo ID (e.g. driver's license, identity card, passport) and the loss or theft report. You can pick up your new TUcard there.