Why does Disney Plus seem to be freezing?

Disney 18+ For films like "Deadpool" or "Alien"Disney is planning a streaming channel for adults

Disney + is a streaming channel that primarily offers a family-oriented program. But the group is growing and buying bigger. Is a streaming service really enough? Apparently Disney is wondering that too.

Because with the recent acquisitions of other film studios, the problem is also growing whether the different contents really all fit under one roof. In the meantime, with Marvel and especially Fox Studios, two large production houses have been taken over that have less of a focus on children's entertainment.

Entertainment for adults

With Marvel come the many comic adaptations around the well-known film series "Avengers", but also the dark TV series from the same universe as "Daredevil" or the upcoming "WandaVision". With Fox, even more Marvel heroes are returning, who have not been officially released into cinemas by the comic book publisher due to licensing rights. Above all "Deadpool", a cinema series that is anything but youth-free due to the language and the depiction of violence. And it should not be forgotten that Fox is also home to the sci-fi horror classic "Alien" and all of its sequels.

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Indeed, all of this seems hard to imagine to fit under one streaming roof next to “Ariel the Mermaid” or “Toy Story”. So it is not surprising that the Mickey Mouse group is said to have already spoken to investors of a “Disney +” offshoot that is said to be called “Disney 18+”. In any case, this can be seen in a video circulating on the Internet that is said to have been shown by Disney at an internal event.

In the video of the presentation you can clearly see a page on which the name and start date of the new service are already written: “Disney 18+ launching in April 2021”.

Basically, it was only a matter of time before Disney moved in that direction. The aforementioned acquisitions were already an indication of the group's opening towards adult entertainment. For "Deadpool 3", which will go into production with an age code of "18+", and many other films that are coming up, a "playback station" would sooner or later be necessary anyway. Not least against the background that the future of cinemas seems more than uncertain after the corona pandemic and that the first exploitation of films will increasingly also take place online.